It’s time to breakdown the barriers of ‘difference’ and help the world shift from being at constant competition, in a perpetual criminal and war culture, that serves the few, to one of global solidarity. Let’s be united as one family with the duty and responsibility to take care of each other and our home. A world united in prayer and dedication to the highest good of all. It’s time to honour our responsibility to our Earth Nation.

We have options and choices now, renewable energy, new technologies, instant access to information and communication tools. Lets make positive changes to realign our living with the sustainable, healthy ways and practises followed by our indigenous ancestors. Let’s re-engage these practises, wisdoms, knowledge and courage so we can re-instate ourselves as the rightful Guardians/Custodians of our Earth. For we represent ourselves, our ancestors, and the future we leave for our children.                                                               

Below: Bronnie Francis-Kurei and I at Australia Stands With Standing Rock-Cairns fund raiser Nov 2016