A natural teacher, and experienced facilitator

of various workshops and music therapy programs.

Drawing from her Polynesian heritage and twenty years experience

as an in-demand drummer, percussionist and dancer,

Sister Liberty shares with a simplicity and focus on fun!

 Available in the Brisbane region, or able to travel.



Hula and Polynesian DanceFun and grounding. Beginning with gentle warm ups, flowing movements to loosen hips, legs, arms, hands, connecting ourselves with the earth, expressing feminine grace and sensuality. This is a work out for arms, abs, thighs and butts. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


Poi TwirlingLearn to twirl medium length soft poi or long heavier poi, building up a repertoire of moves ranging from simple basic, to more elaborate and complicated. Dancing with poi and moving to music is fun, energetic and motivating. The circular motion and flowing energy of poi rotating around your body can help shift energies, create balance and bring inspirations.


Poi Making –  Traditional soft poi takes around 2 hours to make, using wool to do the four platte and make pom-poms, recycled plastic bags and pillow stuffing to make ball end. Long, hard and heavier poi (similar to fire poi) takes around 30 minutes, using old neck ties, tennis balls, needle and strong thread.


Body PercussionUsing our hands, feet and thighs, clapping, slapping, stomping, making rhythms with our body. Possibly using our voices, creating chants or songs.


Drumming Circles –  A community drum circle or workshop is created, “in the moment” by all the people who participate. Co-operation and collaboration is the basic glue. When we drum together, sharing our spirit in the form of rhythm, it changes our relationships. As we play together, we give of ourselves and give out a rhythmical massage and an emotional release. The experience is unique to each person in the circle. When the circle works as a team, everyone benefits, because we all hit ‘the groove’ where the energy flows, time stops and a sense of well being occurs.


Drum Beat Music Therapy ProgramDiscovering Relationships Using Music: Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts.  (Music Therapy Program developed to reach those people for whom talk based therapies are confronting.) The DRUMBEAT Program consists of 1 hour sessions each week and runs for 10 weeks. This time enables participants to experience commitment, build trust within the group, explore deeper issues, build on drumming skills and repertoire of rhythms, and prepare for, then produce the performance finale.